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Multicultural Ministries

Jesus gave us the Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations. This is a clear invitation to be involved in multicultural ministries. We have the great privilege to fulfill Jesus command by traveling internationally through mission work and meeting the needs of those in our society who come from other parts of the world. Certainly, the nations have come to be part of our community. We are reaching people from all backgrounds through our ESL (English as a Second Language) program. Volunteer teachers and assistants serve the international community by helping with language and life skills.

We are aware of the problems that the international community faces when they come from a different cultural background. For this reason, we have also offered community problem solving workshops in subjects such as domestic violence, raising children in a bi-cultural setting, D.U.I., drug abuse, and other issues. All of these programs are offered from a Christian perspective.

For more information about our multicultural ministries, please contact Rev. Miriam Seyler at

Enrique Hernandez
Miriam Seyler, Pastor, Inviting Ministries

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