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Symbols of the Season Advent Devotional: click on the chrismon image to see more!


Derived from the Latin phrase “Christi Monogramma,” meaning “monogram of Christ,” chrismons are symbols used to represent a variety of biblical and theological concepts. They may be most familiar as ornaments on a tree, such as we have here at First UMC. Chrismons are based on ancient Christian symbols and used by a variety of Christian denominations. Two colors are used in the making and design of chrismons—white and gold. Gold to signifies the majesty of Christ, and white symbolizes his purity.

The Chrismon Tree originated in 1957 at the Ascension Lutheran church in Danville, Virginia. Frances Kipps Spencer took on the project of decorating her church’s Christmas tree and wanted to use something more than just colored balls and other secular ornaments. Spencer began to make decorations using the colors white, gold and silver than were symbols of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and the meaning of Christmas. The practice soon caught on with other Christians and many churches, and today the Chrismon Tree is a common sight all over the United States.

In her introduction to the book “Chrismons Basic Series,” Mrs. Spencer says “The Chrismon tree is complete only when those who see it understand its meaning.” Our hope with this booklet is to help our congregation understand the meaning of these beautiful symbols of the Advent season. In the pages ahead, you’ll find photographs of First UMC’s Chrismons and a brief explanation about the history and meaning of each one.

Thank You

We are blessed to have a wide variety of these beautiful Chrismons for our trees here at First United Methodist Church. This would not be possible without the love, care, time and attention to detail of many volunteers who have worked on creating and maintaining our collection over the years. We thank you for your time and service in creating these symbols of the season.

Symbols of the Season Advent Devotional. Take time with your Bible and meditate on the scripture passage for each day. See a larger image of each Chrismon™ and a description of each chrismon by clicking on the Chrismon image.
Rose Window
Week One of Advent
Jerusalem Cross November 27
Jerusalem Cross

Isaiah 53:1-9
Tau Cross November 28
Tau Cross

Numbers 21:9, Isaiah 53:8-9
Anchor Cross November 29
Shepherd's Crook Cross

Psalm 23, John 10:11-13
Iota Chi November 30
Iota Chi (IX)

John 1:1-18; 7:25-31
Latin Cross December 1
Latin Cross

Romans 6:1-11
Cross Treflee December 2
Cross Treflee

2 Corinthians 13:14
Heart with Cross December 3
Heart With Cross/God is Love

John 3: 16, I Corinthians 13
Week Two of Advent
Chi Rho December 4
Chi Rho (XP)

Matthew 1: 18-23
Staff of the King December 5
Staff of the King

Psalm 23, Ephesians 1:23
Greek Cross December 6
Greek Cross

Romans 1:8-17, 8:9-11
Cross Over the World December 7
Cross Over the World

Matthew 28:16-20
Cross Triumphant December 8
Cross Triumphant

Phillipians 2: 5-11
Cross in Eternity December 9
Cross in Eternity

Revelation 21:1-7
Butterfly December 10

Acts 2:24, 31-33; I Corinthians
Week Three of Advent
Alpha and Omega December 11
Alpha and Omega

Revelation 1:8
IHC December 12

Matthew 1:21
Angel December 13

Luke 2: 8-20
Calvary Cross December 14
Calvary Cross

Mark 15:21-31
Crucifix Cross December 15
Crucifix Cross

I Corinthians 1:18-25
Latin Cross with Crown December 16
Latin Cross w/Crown

Revelations 5
Crown December 17

1 Tim 6:15, Rev 1:18, Rom 8:34
Week Four of Advent
Icthus December 18
Icthus (Fish)

Phillipians 2: 5-11
Sun of Righteousness December 19
Sun of Righteousness

Malachi 4:2
Christ in the Manger December 20
Christ in the Manger

Luke 2: 1-7
Serpent on Tau Cross December 21
Serpent on Tau Cross

John 3:11-15
Crown of Thorns December 22
Crown of Thorns

Mark 15:17
Rose December 23

Isaiah 35:1
Five Point Star with Rose December 24
Five Point Star w/Rose

Matthew 2: 1-10
Anchor Cross December 25
Anchor Cross

Luke 2: 1-7
Shoes of the Fisherman December 26
Shoes of the Fisherman

Matthew 4:18-22
Chariot of Fire December 27
Chariot of Fire

II Kings 2:11, Acts 1:9-11
Seven-Tounged Flame December 28
Seven-Tounged Flame

Acts 2:1-4, Isaiah 11:2, Revelation 5:12
Lamb of God December 29
Lamb of God

Isaiah 53:7, John 1:29, Revelation 5:12
Descending Dove December 30
Descending Dove

John 1: 32-34
Shell on Eight Point Star December 31
Shell on Eight Point Star

Matthew 28:19, 1 Peter 3:20-21
Chalice on Six Point Star January 1
Chalice on Six Point Star

Mark 14: 22